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50th ISSF World Championship 2010

A lot of medals for Team Lapua shooters in Münich! The games are not yet finalized but until now Team Lapua shooters have reached the following medals:

50 m 3 Pos. Men

1. Peter Sidi, HUN 1178 + 97,6 = 1275,6

10 m Air rifle Men

2. Peter Sidi, HUN 599 + 101,4 = 700,4

50 m 3 Pos. Women

2. Sonja Pfeilschifter, GER 585 + 100,4 = 685,4

300 m Prone Women

2. Charlotte Jakobsen, DEN 597

50 m 3 Pos. Men Junior

1. Kim Andre Lund, NOR 1166 (Kim belongs in our Team Lapua Norway and has been supported by Magne Landro A.S.

Something very special for Lapua happened on 5.8. in Münich when Lapua´s most new born – 6,5×47 Lapua – showed its performance in 300 m Prone men elimination competition. French shooting star Mr Josselin Henry shot 600/600, EWR = Equalling World Record !!! That record has also been shot by Mr Harald Stenvaag, NOR in 1990, Mr Bernd Rücker, GER in 1994 and Mr Vebjörn Berg NOR in 2010.

This time the record shooting was very distinguished because Josselin shot it with the factory loaded 4316011 6,5×47 Lapua GB489 8,0 g / 123 gr. HPBT SCENAR rounds… and without any test shooting or lot selection!!!

More news and results from Münich when all disiplines will be held and the games are over.

Link to official competition page.

Peter Sidi World Champion 2010