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50/300 m Rifle 3-pos + Prone

Steffen Olsen
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"Giving up is not an option, keep on fighting!"

Rimfire and centerfire rifle shooter Steffen Olsen

Steffen Olsen is a Danish shooter who excels in especially in 50 meter and 300 meter ISSF and CISM rifle disciplines 3-position and prone. His favorite .22lr ammo is X-Act and Midas+.

“I’ve been shooting since I was 5 years old, as all my closest family were shooters when I was a child. I’m educated as a lawyer, but I’m also a reservist in the army. Other than shooting, my hobbies are parachuting and taking care of my family. With a lot of training on the range (1000 pcs, 15-20 hours/week in season) I don’t have time for many other things.

My favorite disciplines are the match disciplines. 3×20 & 3×40 on both 50 and 300 meters. Regarding favourite Lapua ammo, I really like the 6mm BR and the accuracy I get from that calibre.”

At the 2018 World championships in Changwon, Steffen won the 60 prone event at 50 meters, and he holds a World Record in 300 m Military Rapid Fire 3×20 with 599 points. His future goals are to get a top 8 placement at the European Championships and a quota place for the Olympics in Tokyo.

Competition highlights

World Cup, New Delhi, 9th place, 60 prone 50m
World Cup final, Putian, 12th place, 60 prone 50m

World Championships Changwon, 1st place, 60 prone 50m
World Cup, Fort Benning 2nd place,3×40

CISM in Doha, Qatar 2nd place Rapid Fire 3×20 300 m