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Pistol (rapid fire, 25m and 50m disciplines)

Keith Sanderson
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"It doesn't matter how beautiful your theory is, it doesn't matter how smart you are. If it doesn't agree with experiment, it's wrong."

Quote by Richard Feynman

Pistol shooter Keith Sanderson

Keith Sanderson is an American pistol shooter who competes in 25 meter rapid fire, standard and 50 meter pistol. He began his competitive shooting career in 1996 in the Marines and  holds the Olympic record for the qualification round of 25 meter rapid fire pistol (583 points). He has successfully competed in the ISSF World Cup with over 35 top-ten finishes, and he clenched gold at the 2017 World Cup final in New Delhi. He is also the 2019 NRA National Pistol Champion. His favorite shooting disciplines are Rapid Fire Pistol, .45 caliber Conventional Pistol, Long Range Rifle and AFSAM.


My favorite Lapua product

Pistol OSP, 6,5×47 Lapua

Competition highlights

NRA National Pistol Champion
NRA National Pistol CF Champion
NRA National Pistol .45 Caliber Champion
NRA National Pistol 4-Member Team Championship – 2nd
NRA National Pistol .22 Caliber Team Championship – 1st
NRA National Pistol .45 Caliber Team Championship – 2nd
USAS RFP National Champion

World Cup Fort Benning, rapid fire, 6th Place
CAT Games Guadalajara, Bronze Medalist
USAS Spring Selection (World Team qualifier) – 1st
• USAS Nationals Centerfire (World Team qualifier) – 1st
• USAS Nationals Standard (World Team qualifier) – 1st
• NRA 22 Team Nationals (Team Lapua/Zero) -1st
• NRA 45 Nationals (45 National Champion)-1st
• NRA 45 Team Nationals (Team Lapua/Zero) -1st
• NRA Overall Team Nationals (Team Lapua/Zero) -1st
• Camp Perry Glock Match – 1st
• CMP National Trophy Individual 1911 (NTI) – 1st
• CMP Military Police Corps Trophy (National Trophy Team, High individual) – 1st
• CMP Anheuser Busch Trophy (NTI/ NTT agg) – 1st

World Cup Final New Delhi, rapid fire, 1st Place
World Cup Gabala, rapid fire, 6th Place

Olympic Games, 10th Place
World Cup Rio, rapid fire, Silver Medalist

World Cup Munich, Silver Medalist
World Cup Gabala, Sixth Place
World Cup USA, Sixth Place

World Cup USA, Gold Medalist
CAT Games Guadalajara, Silver Medalist
World Cup Munich, Fourth Place
World Cup Maribor, Fifth Place

World Cup USA, Bronze Medalist
World Cup Granada, Sixth Place
National Championships, Silver Medalist

Triple Distinguished (International, Rifle, and Pistol)

1998, 1999 Marine Corps Pistol Champion 

2005 Free Pistol National Champion 

Multiple Rapid Fire Pistol National Champion

35+ ISSF top ten finishes


Latest Results

World Cup Fort Benning, rapid fire, 6th Place
CAT Games Guadalajara, Bronze Medalist
USA CenterFire National Champion
USA Standard Pistol National Champion
45 Caliber National Champion