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QTU Lapua Edition

The Quick Target Unlimited Lapua ballistic software features Lapua bullets

Lapua is first to offer this radar data and this accurately verified ballistic data for civilian long-range shooters. The QTU Lapua Edition is a special version of the regular QTU ballistics software. The QTU Lapua Edition is tailored for Lapua bullets.

To get started, only the bullet type and muzzle velocity values are needed. The software will calculate e.g. bullet drop, velocity and energy as a function of distance and the flying time. If wind conditions (direction and speed) are known, wind drift can also be calculated. The program also has many features useful for scope adjusting. Specific features of the ballistics software can be found in the QTU Lapua Edition manual.

Be sure to also check out the new and improved Lapua Ballistics App for Android and iOS!

The full version of QuickLoad (QL) and QuickTarget (QT) programs (QL+QT+QTU) can be purchased from dealers listed below. QuickLOAD© and QuickTarget© are Copyright 1988-2009 of H.G.Broemel, Neubruecker Weg 15, D-64382 Babenhausen, Germany. 

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QTU Lapua Edition

QTU Lapua Edition brochure

Tips for QuickTarget Unlimited (QTU) Lapua Edition

This QTU Lapua Edition includes ballistic radar data of most Lapua bullets designed for long-range target shooting. For other Lapua bullets, traditional Ballistic coefficient B.C. can be used in calculations. It is not possible to add data of other bullets to the Lapua Edition.

QTU Lapua Edition should work at least in following Windows versions: Windows 98 SE, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Windows XP and Windows Vista, both professional and home editions. Under Windows XP and Vista you must log-in under admin account to be able to install! Windows 95 may function, but it is dependent on Service Pack of Internet Explorer used. Apple Mac (OS) version is not available. This program is available only in English language.

Only QuickTarget Unlimited versions (both normal and Lapua Edition) can utilize the ballistic radar data (drag coefficient table CD). Normal QuickTarget can not do that. Both can use traditional B.C.

Manual for using the program can be downloaded from Lapua web-site Downloads section and it will be installed as a separate text file (qtu_lapua.pdf) when downloading the program.

Screen-format of 1024×768 or higher is recommended. You will need about 5 Mb free disk space. If you have to install Adobe Acrobat Reader you will need additional 10 Mb.

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QTU_Lapua_Data_Drag May_2015

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