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Lapua Ballistics FAQ

On this page, we list Frequently Asked Questions relating to the Lapua Ballistics mobile app. If you have further technical issues to report, kindly contact the app developer Rightspot.

Also be sure to read our user manual, the Lapua Ballistics App User Info (.pdf) 


Question: How do I change Unit Values in Lapua Ballistics?

Answer: There are many ways to change unit values in Lapua Ballistics. These are explained in the Lapua Ballistics User Info on pages 7, 10 and 14.

Question: Why does the V0 not have impact on velocity (Bullet and Custom Bullet)?

Answer: When you use the Bullet or Customer bullet setting you need to define the V0 value also in the Powder dv/dT table. See the user info for instructions. This routine will be simplified in the next application version.

Question: How do I enter left Twist Rate?

Answer: Input twist rate with a negative ‘-x.x’ value. For example -9.5.

Question: How do I enter North / South Coriolis Value?

Answer: Positive value + for North value and negative value – for South value.

Question: How do I turn Lapua Ballistics off?

Answer: There are several ways to close the application depending on your Operating System (Android, iOS). Check from your device user guide how it’s done with your device.
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