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Lapua Club

Lapua Club – available for our customers

The Lapua Club is an exclusive online club for our hunting and target shooting customers. You can become a member on the Lapua Club website by typing the QR code on your Lapua product package*. By registering your ammunition purchase you take part in our prize campaign and you’re also entitled to Lapua Club member benefits. As a Lapua Club member you get easy access to more detailed information on Lapua products – for example trajectory charts for all cartridges. You can also share your own Lapua experiences in our Lapua Club Story Room, a feature not found elsewhere.

*available in most centerfire boxes and 500 pcs rimfire ammo boxes.

Register every Lapua cartridge package you purchase and win prizes in the Lapua Club!

If you have purchased multiple cartridge packages, register all of them separately. Each package code is a uniquely identifiable lottery ticket, which both gives you a chance to win instant prizes and automatically takes part in our main lottery.

Before joining, please read our Privacy Policy. When you create a profile in Lapua Club, you agree that you have read our Privacy Policy and understand its regulations, and give consent to the handling of your personal information as is explained in the Privacy Policy.

Join the Club today, win prizes and share your stories and passion with other fans!

Go to the Lapua Club website