Passion for Precision


Ammunition production of the highest quality

Close cooperation with other manufacturers in the industry

We do extensive testing on our cartridges and components with different caliber rifles to be sure our products are functional and accurate also in extreme environments. The Lapua ammunition is however only part of a functional weapon system. That is why we strive to work together with the most important rifle manufacturers so that shooters can always rely on Lapua cartridges, cases and bullets functioning in different rifles.

Our ammunition manufacturing sites

Lapua has two ammunition manufacturing sites, one for centerfire products in Lapua, Finland and one for rimfire (smallbore) ammunition in Schönebeck, Germany.

Nammo Lapua

Lapua production site

Nammo Lapua Oy Lapua Site is located in Lapua, 80 km east of Vaasa in Finland.

Nammo Lapua Oy was founded in 1923 as a State Cartridge Factory. Today the factory has 150 employees. The ammunition unit manufactures cartridges and cartridge components for small arms.

Nammo Lapua Oy
P.O.Box 5 / Patruunatehtaantie 15
FI-62101 Lapua, Finland

Äyritie 8D, 5th floor
FI-01510 Vantaa, Finland

Lapua / Schönebeck

Lapua Schönebeck production siteNammo Schönebeck GmbH is located in Schönebeck, 150 km west of Berlin in Germany.

Nammo Schönebeck GmbH was until 2004 called SK Jagd- und Sportmunitions GmbH, and Lapua GmbH until 2013.

The Company celebrated its 180th anniversary in 2009, and is thus the Nammo facility with the longest history. Today, the site is owned by Nammo Lapua and specializes in the manufacturing of rimfire cartridges. 70 people work at Nammo Schönebeck GmbH.

Nammo Schönebeck GmbH
Wilhelm-Dümling-Str. 12
DE-39218 Schönebeck (Elbe), Germany