Passion for Precision

Lapua at IWA&OutdoorClassics in Nuremberg, Germany - booth 3-307

Mar 15 2010

NEW from Lapua in IWA:


.22-250 Remington Case (click headline to see brochure)

Lapua sets the industry standard in Match quality cases, and our new .22-250 brass follows in this proud tradition. We are pleased to introduce this classic case to our product line. From varminting to long range target shooting, the .22-250 still remains one of the most potent and versatile of the .22 caliber cartridges. Unmatched concentricity, toughness, uniformity in every aspect gives you the peace of mind that you're shooting the very best!


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.308 Win. Palma Case (click headline to see brochure)

Lapua is proud to introduce the new .308 Win. Palma case. Developed in conjunction with the US Palma team, the small rifle primer case is designed to deliver enhanced long-range accuracy for the most demanding competitive applications.


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New Case Box - Lapua Smart Box (click headline to see brochure)


New Lapua Smart Box (Case box) is designed to withstand thousands of openings, it can be securely closed and it will serve shooter for years at the shooting range. Now you don't have to buy an aftermarket cartridge box from your dealer, saving you money.