Handgun cartridges

Lapua ́s pistol and revolver cartridges are extremely accurate and supremely reliable. Our range includes best-in- class alternatives for all centerfire pistol events organized by CISM and ISSF. It is therefore no wonder that in the CISM centerfire pistol event nine out of ten marksmen choose Lapua’s cartridges.

The accuracy of Lapua ́s handgun cartridges is continuously tested with different types of weapons. Even though the requirements we set for accuracy are extremely strict, our goal is always to go beyond them. Ideally, a single, tight, ragged hole for the entire string. These are also the reasons why the world’s leading pistol manufacturers recommend Lapua cartridges.

In CISM World Championships 2010 in Rio de Janeiro more than 90 % of the centerfire pistol competitors used Lapua ammunition.

Centerfire Handgun
9 mm Luger (9x19)
.32 S&W LWC