Mega for big game

Whether you need ammunition for training, competitions or serious hunting situations, you have to know that ammunition is reliable. Lapua delivers that accuracy, reliability and dependability in all situations.

Reliable and traditional

Mega - 308 WinchesterThe Lapua Mega is a soft point bullet designed for the big game hunting. The bullet features a lead core and copper jacket which are mechanically bonded together. The Mega bullet has also a long jacket that protects core and prevents premature bullet expansion or breakage when bullet goes through light brush or grass cover.

Mechanical bonding means that core is firmly locked inside the jacket and will not separate even on hardest impact. The Mega bullet has very high, up to 97% retaining weight after impact on game. It typically more than dubles on impact, causing an immediate shock effect.

The Mega bullet family includes 5 bullets which are available in 6.5mm, .30 and 9.3mm calibers. Ammunition is loaded in the most popular big game calibers used in Scandinavia.

  • Very high weight retention
  • Controlled penetration
  • Controlled bullet expansion
.30-06 Spring.
.308 Win. (7.62x51)
6.5x55 SE