6.5x55 SE

With Lapua 6.5x55 SE, whether it is used in hunting or competition, you will give no quarter to the game or your fellow competitors. A great universal choice for the all types of Scandinavian hunting possibilities with the straight trajectory, excellent ballistics and a huge bullet selection – for anything from grouse to moose

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Sport Sport Shooting     Hunting Hunting     Special purposes Special purpose    

Caliber Product no. Type Velocity [m/s] Rifle sighted in at Trajectory [mm] Test barrel length [mm]
Weight Energy [J] Impact point above or below line of sight
Code Crosswind drift [mm] (sidewind 4 m/s) (Scope 40 mm above bore line)
      0 m 100 m 200 m 300 m 600 m 800 m 1000 m   100 m 200 m 300 m 600 m 800 m 1000 m  
6.5x55 SE  N316101 
Naturalis  800  712  630          100 -193          600 
9,1 g  2912  2309  1807          300            
    N507  29  124          600