Lapua ́s product range has the right cartridge for all different kinds of hunting and sports, whether you are only aiming for fitness and good marksmanship skills or have your sights set on some serious hunting: moose, deer, wild boar etc.

A clean and accurate shot

Lapua hunting cartridges are loaded with Naturalis and Mega bullets, which have been carefully designed and dimensioned for their purpose. You will always have the right type of ammunition the game demands.

Intensive and regular training hones your shooting skills, and Lapua ammunition will provide the accuracy you need. Lapua quality ensures that you’ll be able to develop those shooting skills without worrying about ammunition reliability, or its being able to do the job. Lapua ammunition is made to perform, every time.

With Lapua ammunition, whether it is used in hunting, training or competition, you will give no quarter to the game or your fellow competitors.

Lapua ammunition offers everything hunters require, and now with greater versatility than ever before!



Naturalis premium bullet

Controlled and optimized expansion, ideal penetration, powerful shock effect – not depending on the distance. Solid and unbreakable construction, weight retention up to 100 %. Unique Lapua technology. A clean shot – minimized meat loss

Unbeatable performance

The mushrooming of bullet starts immediately on impact. The opening process is started by the valve at the tip of bullet, leading the bullet to expand symmetrically and without shattering. This gives a maximal shock effect to the hunted game. The top premium copper bullet will make its work and retains up to 100% of its weight after the impact.

Naturalis copper bullet - 308 Winchester

The Naturalis bullets and cartridges have rapidly gained a faithful following among hunters of different kinds of game. The Naturalis is extremely effective and has great stopping power, yet minimizes meat loss. It has been used to hunt a wide variety of different kinds of game on all continents and weather conditions.

The factory loaded ammunition is available in most popular calibers used by the Scandinavian type of hunters. The Naturalis bullets are sold for the handloaders worldwide in 7 different diameters.

.338 Lapua Mag. (8.6x70)
.30-06 Spring.
.308 Win. (7.62x51)
6.5x55 SE
.243 Win. (6.16x51)
8x57 IS