Feb 23
Visit Lapua, VIhtavuori and SK booth 7/511 in IWA 2015
Welcome to our joint booth 511 in hall 7 in IWA exhibition, March 6-9, 2015 in Messezentrum in Nuremberg, Germany. Read more »
Jan 16
Lapua® Press Materials 2015 now available
See the contents before downloading, and choose what to download Read more »
Dec 30
Visit Lapua, VIhtavuori and SK booth in Shot Show 2015 Las Vegas
Welcome to Lapua, VIhtavuori and SK booth #11929 in ShotShow, January 20-23, 2015 in Sands Expo & Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. Read more »
Mar 11
300 m Shooting videos with Lapua Scenar-L
Peder Mørch Pedersen (DEN) showing how Lapua bullets perform Read more »
Feb 24
New Lapua Naturalis video!
Find out the difference between a Naturalis bullet and a regular lead bullet on impact ! Read more »
Jan 9
Visit Lapua booth in ShotShow, Las Vegas
Welcome to Lapua booth #11929 in ShotShow, January 14-17, 2013 in Sands Expo & Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. Read more »
Nov 14
Kasa-ammunnan lajiesittely netissä
Linkki YouTube-videoon täältä Read more »
Nov 1
Lapua Ballistics - new updated version available for download
Downloads available for Java and Android phones Read more »
Oct 17
QTU Lapua - updated version now downloadable
Including the new drag tables for Scenar-L bullets Read more »
Sep 18
Updated Scenar-L radar data
Lapua cartridge and components data now updated Read more »
May 24
Lehdistötiedote - Lapua 90 v
Suomenkielinen lehdistötiedote - Lapuan patruunatehdas 90 vuotta 23.5.2013 Read more »
May 24
NEW! Inside Lapua video
Check the new Lapua video with top shooters Read more »
May 23
Lapua factory - 90th Anniversary
Lapua celebrated its 90th anniversary all day on Thursday Read more »
Apr 19
Six Team Lapua members visited Lapua factory
SIx top Team Lapua shooters from six different countries visited Lapua factory on Tuesday 16 April Read more »
Mar 11
Lapua 90th Anniversary - special web pages opened
Check out the new section and win special anniversary material Read more »
Mar 6
Lapua® Press Materials 2013 -- updated!
Download a comprehensive media package Read more »
Mar 4
Lapua in IWA 2013 - Booth: 7-318
Visit Lapua booth at IWA & OutdoorClassics 2013 in Nuremberg, Germany 8-11 March 2013 Read more »
Jan 15
NEW! Lapua Rimfire Service Center USA pages opened
Check out the new Service Center section in www.lapua.com Read more »
Jan 14
New Lapua Centerfire cartridge boxes
Lapua completes its product packaging with new centerfire cartridge box design Read more »
Jan 2
Visit Lapua booth in ShotShow, Las Vegas
Welcome to Lapua booth #11929 in ShotShow, January 15-18, 2013 in Sands Expo & Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. Read more »
Sep 7
Former World Champion and Lapua Team member Tapio Säynevirta (FIN) has passed away
Tapio Säynevirta passed away suddenly at the age of 47. Read more »
Jul 6
New Vihtavuori reloading data published
Check our Vihtavuori Reloading Database for the updates. List of the revised calibers further in this message. Read more »
Apr 30
Lapua .22 Service Center opened in Mesa, AZ
High-tech testing facilities, allowing ammunition to be tested at 50 meters and 100 meters simultaneously in controlled environment. If you are unable to travel to Arizona personally, Lapua rimfire service center tests also shipped-in rifles. Read more »
Feb 29
Lapua in IWA 2012 - NOTE! New booth: 7-318
Visit Lapua booth at IWA & OutdoorClassics 2012 in Nuremberg, Germany 9-12 March 2012 Read more »
Jan 16
Vihtavuori Reloading Guide Ed 10 published
The new Vihtavuori Reloading Guide Edition 10 for Centerfire Ammunition is an updated version of the previous Vihtavuori Reloading Guides.
Read more »
Jan 16
Lapua Ballistics - New ballistic software for mobile phones - now available also for Android!
Lapua Ballistics is the ultimate in accurate exterior ballistic software for deriving elevation (shooting distance) and wind correction solutions on the range, in special operations or in the hunting fields. This new version, now available also for Android phones, calculates also Lapua rimfire and subsonic cartridges accurately. Read more »
Jan 2
Visit Lapua booth in Shot Show, Las Vegas !
Welcome to Lapua booth #3009 in ShotShow, January 17-20, 2012 in Sands Expo & Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. Read more »
Jul 8
Vihtavuori reloading data updated
Additional bullets for some rifle calibers as well as one new rifle caliber data has been added to our database. Read more »
Jun 23
Sponsored event: 50th Nordic Open Championships in Military Pentathlon in Lahti, Finland 13-18 June, 2011
One of the disciplines in the Championships was 300m shooting Read more »
Jun 14
Lapua .260 Rem brass proves very uniform
An article about Lapua's .260 Rem by Mike Harpster in Accurateshooter.com Read more »
May 11
Vihtavuori Tin Star: New Powder for Cowboy Action Shooting
This porous powder fills the case much better than most conventional smokeless propellants, providing the loading density needed for those classic black powder cartridges. Read more »
Feb 17
Lapua in IWA 2011 - booth 3-307
Visit Lapua booth at IWA & OutdoorClassics 2011 in Nuremberg, Germany 11-14.3.2011 Read more »
Jan 18
New Vihtavuori Reloading Guide Edition 9 now available
Download the latest edition of Vihtavuori Guide from the Dowloads section of the Lapua website. NOTE: Correction page for USA printed version. Read more »
Jan 17
Lapua Ballistics program now downloadable!
The new Lapua Ballistics software for your mobile phone - a tool to be always at hand when you need it, without any compromise at the cost of accuracy. Read more »
Dec 30
Visit Lapua booth in Shot Show Las Vegas!
Welcome to Lapua booth #3009 in ShotShow, January 18-21, 2011 in Sands Expo & Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. Read more »
Dec 21
Lapua Bullets Drag Coefficient Data for QuickTARGET Unlimited®
Real and accurate ballistic data for different velocities now available for most Lapua bullets. Read more »
Apr 18
Lapua Team member Jack Neary's tuning sessions
Western Wayne Conservation Club "Spring Tune-up" BR Match Plymouth, MI Read more »
Mar 15
Lapua at IWA&OutdoorClassics in Nuremberg, Germany - booth 3-307
Visit us at our booth in the Exhibition Centre Nuremberg Read more »
Mar 1
NEW QTU Lapua Edition - updated version now downloadable
New version of the Quick Target Unlimited Lapua Edition is now downloadable from our Ballistics page.

The drag coefficient data is completed with new items.
Feb 1
NEW Vihtavuori Reloading Guide published
Updated data now on www.lapua.com Read more »
Jan 13
Lapua at ShotShow, Las Vegas, Nevada - booth #3036
Visit us at our booth in Sands Expo & Convention Center, Jan 19-22, 2010 Read more »
Jan 8
Per Sandberg (SWE) tested and selected X-Act ammunition
LAPUA's Centerfire shooter Per Sandberg from Sweden visited the .22 Lapua Service Center in Schönebeck last week for his batch testing. Read more »
Jan 1
Lapua presents new calendar for 2010
Lapua presents new calendar for 2010 and will be very strong in the Olympic Games in Vancouver 2010. Read more »
Jan 1
Lapua on a visit in Berlin
The Lapua Service Team visited two Lapua Events in Berlin. Read more »
Jan 1
Final preparations for Vancouver 2010
The final preparations for the Olympic Games 2010 in Vancouver will be finished in some weeks and the Olympic World Cup season will begin in Sweden. Read more »
Jan 1
Lapua for visit by the German Benchrest Championships in Hannover
Lapua was for the second time by the German Benchrest Championships in Hannover. Read more »
Jan 1
NEW in Lapua website: QuickTARGET Unlimited® Lapua Edition
Interior Ballistics program - free download Read more »
Dec 27
Lapua Midas+ tested and chosen by US biathlete Jay Hakkinen
US Biathlete Jay Hakkinen visits Lapua .22 Service Center to select competition ammunition for the upcoming season. Read more »
Dec 24
Lapua for visit by the International Juniors Competition in Oldenburg
Lapua was for a visit by the International Juniors Competition in Oldenburg. Read more »
Dec 19
Reloading Data Search opened
Latest Vihtavuori Reloading Guide now in Lapua website, searchable by caliber. Read more »
Dec 2
Customers' news: Francisco Labrador, Spain
"Thank you for your extreme quality, accuracy and consistency of your Scenar 185 grains .308 caliber ammo" Read more »
Aug 12
Lapua .22 Service Team attended NSRA's National Rifle Meeting at Bisley, UK, August 7 to 11, 2008
Lapua's .22 Service Team attended the British National Smallbore Rilfe Association's National Rifle Meeting at Bisley. Read more »
Aug 1
NEW! Lapua X-ACT Superior Rimfire Ammunition
"The best ammunition we've ever shot!" Read more »
Jan 1
Lapua to sponsor the 300m European Cup 2007
Lapua and the European Shooting Confederation signed a sponsor agreement for the 300m rifle European Cup competitions in March. Read more »

Lehdistötiedote - Lapua 90 v

May 24 2013 12:04 pm

Suomenkielinen lehdistötiedote - Lapuan patruunatehdas 90 vuotta 23.5.2013

Lataa pdf-muodossa

Lapua 22.5.2013, julkaisuvapaa to 23.5.2013

Nammo Lapua Oy:n Lapuan tehdas (entinen Lapuan Patruunatehdas) täyttää 90 vuotta

Tänä vuonna tulee kuluneeksi 90 vuotta siitä kun Suomen Eduskunta teki päätöksen
perustaa ampumatarviketehdas. Tänään tehdas on osa Nammo Lapua Oy:tä, joka on
pohjoismaisen Nammo AS:n 100 % omistama tytäryhtiö. Nammo-konsernin liikevaihto
v. 2012 oli 3 310 milj. NOK ja tulos 459 milj. NOK. Konserni työllistää n. 2000 henkilöä
kahdeksassa eri maassa. Pohjoismaiden (Norja, Ruotsi, Suomi) osuus liikevaihdosta
oli 28 %, USA:n ja Kanadan osuus liikevaihdosta oli 31 %.

Nammo Lapua –konserniin kuuluvat yhtiön 100% omistama kotimaan tytäryhtiö Nordic
Distribution Oy, NorDis, sekä Saksassa ND PressTec GmbH ja Nammo Schönebeck
GmbH. Nammo Lapua –konsernin liikevaihto v. 2012 oli 104,4 milj. euroa ja tulos
14,9 milj. euroa, henkilöstöä on noin 330. Nammo Lapua Oy:n liikevaihdosta viennin
osuus on 59 %. Vuosittain Lapuan tehtaalta on vientiä n. 50 maahan. Yhtiön Lapuan
tehtaalla on henkilöstöä n. 150 ja Vihtavuoressa 50 henkilöä.

Lapuan tehdas on maailman johtava komponenttien ja patruunoiden valmistaja. Korkean
laadun takeena on vuosikymmenien panostus valmistusprosessiin, sekä kokenut
ja ammattitaitoinen henkilöstö. Tuotevalikoima käsittää keskisytytteiset patruunat ja
patruunakomponentit; hylsy, luoti ja relo-ruuti. Viimeksi tehdas on kehittänyt uuden
sukupolven tarkkuusluoteja (Scenar-L), jotka takaavat huipputehoisen suorituskyvyn
vaativimmissakin kilpailuolosuhteissa. Lapuan tehtaan tuotteiden loppukäyttäjiä ovat
metsästäjät, urheiluampujat, viranomaisorganisaatiot ja eri maiden puolustusvoimat.

Vuosikymmenien ajan tehdas toimi valtion laitoksena ja puolustusministeriön hallinnon
alaisena. Suomen Puolustusvoimat on edelleen suurin yksittäinen asiakas, jonka
osuus tehtaan liikevaihdosta on n. 20 % vuosittain. Erityisen merkittäviä ovat yhtiölle
Puolustusvoimien monivuotiset tilaukset. Viimeisin KOVA 2 –tilaus kohdistuu lähinnä
Vihtavuoren tehtaalle, sen sijaan koulutusampumatarvikkeet-tilaus kohdistuu Lapuan

Nammo neuvottelee parhaillaan Eurenco Vihtavuoren ruutitehtaan ostamisesta. Neuvottelut
jatkuvat edelleen.


Nammo Lapua Oy, toimitusjohtaja Raimo Helasmäki, puh. 050 3111 070

Nammo Lapua Oy, henkilöstöpäällikkö Sirpaliisa Jussila, puh. 010 5233 501