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Lapua factory - 90th Anniversary

May 23 2013

Lapua factory out


The Lapua Cartridge Factory was founded in 1923 in order to secure the ammunition manufacturing for Finland after it got its independence in 1917. The factory functioned under the Finnish Defence Forces for many decades, until 1 January 1991 when it became a liability company named Cartridge Factory LAPUA Ltd. Since October 1998 the factory has belonged to Nammo Lapua Oy and is part of the Nammo Group.

Nammo Lapua Oy has two factories, one in Lapua (SCD) and one in Vihtavuori (MLCD). In addition to the sites there is an office in Tampere, and the SCD Main Office is located in Vantaa, nearby the Helsinki-Vantaa airport.

The Lapua Site manufactures top quality centerfire rifle and pistol cartridges, as well as bullets and cases that are sold as components for people who want to load the cartridges themselves. The main customers are hunters in the Nordic countries, sport shooters all over the world, law enforcement authorities and defence forces in Finland and other countries. Every year the factory has export sales to over 50 countries.

The .22 caliber ammunition manufacturing was moved to the Schönebeck factory in Germany in 2008, and today it produces over 150 million cartridges every year under LAPUA and SK brands. The LAPUA brand is “the ammunition” in Biathlon World Championships; as an example 32 out of 33 possible medals were won with LAPUA ammunition during the last season.

The celebration

To celebrate the 90th anniversary, guests had been invited to the official program on Thursday 23 May. 

Lapua 90 factory tour, photo Juha Harju

Photo: Juha Harju

The anniversary day started with factory tour and lunch for guests, and continued with celebrations in the old factory area downtown Lapua city - the perfect setting for the event.

Old factory area

The old cartridge factory area

Lapua old factory entrance

The old entrance to the factory area

The old cartridge factory area has been thoroughly renovated by the city, and thrives today as an environmentally and historically unique cultural and business center. The old factory buildings consist now of a 200-seater conference room, meeting rooms and a lunch café. The area is also home to many entrepreneurs - Bio Marilyn Cinema, Theatre Lapua, Lapua Art Museum, a library and a music institute, and all work in the cultural center.  Cultural Center page (in Finnish only)

Vanha Paukku entrance

Celebration day winders - check out the shape of the the door handles of the Cultural Center!

Vanha Paukku upstairs lobby

Upstairs lobby of the Cultural Center

Anniversary guests

Conference room and guests - Lapua pensioneers and cooperations partners

Edgar Fossheim, CEO of Nammo AS

Nammo Group CEO Edgar Fossheim

Photo: Juha Harju

Later in the evening all Lapua factory personnel gathered together to listen to a few words by the Nammo Group CEO Edgar Fossheim and by Raimo Helasmäki, the Managing Director of Nammo Lapua Oy, to see the new Inside Lapua video with the top shooters  - and to dine and dance and to have a great start for the summer!


And, of course, the guests wrote their names to the guest book  with a cartridge pen!

Guest book pen