Passion for Precision

Lapua in IWA 2013 - Booth: 7-318

Mar 4 2013

Welcome to Lapua booth 318 in hall 7 in IWA exhibition, March 8-13, 2013 in Messezentrum in Nuremberg, Germany.

New products from Lapua

  • The ScenarL family sets up new standards for high end target bullets -  updated family with new 2013 versions

Bullets (OTM)
.224 (5.69mm/.224) GB544 4.5g/69gr
.224 (5.69mm/.224) GB545 5.0g/77gr
6mm (6.16mm/.243) GB543 5.8g/90gr
6mm (6.16mm/.243) GB542 6.8g/105gr
6.5mm (6.72mm/.264) GB547 7.8g/120gr
6.5mm (6.72mm/.264) GB546 8.8g/136gr
.30 (7.83mm/.308) GB552 10.0g/155gr
.30 (7.83mm/.308) GB550 11.3g/175gr
.30 (7.83mm/.308) GB551 14.3g/220gr

223Rem GB544 4.5g/69gr
6mm BR GB542 6.8g/105gr
6,5x47 Lapua GB547 7.8g/120gr
6,5x47 Lapua GB546 8.8g/136gr
6,5x55 SE GB547 (slow) 7.8g/120gr
6,5x55 SE GB547 (fast) 7.8g/120gr
6,5x55 SE GB546 8.8g/136gr
.308 Win. GB550 11.3/175gr

Scenar L