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Lapua Ballistics - New ballistic software for mobile phones - now available also for Android!

Jan 16 2012

New ballistic software for mobile phones - now available also for Android!

Lapua Ballistics is the ultimate in accurate exterior ballistic software for deriving elevation (shooting distance) and wind correction solutions on the range, in special operations or in the hunting fields. Whereas Lapua’s Quick Target Unlimited (QTU) software is for calculations, bullet comparison, ballistic table printing etc. purposes at home with a PC, the new Lapua Ballistics program is always available in your pocket-with the same astonishingly high level of accuracy. This new version calculates also Lapua rimfire and subsonic cartridges accurately.

Lapua Ballistics is based on precisely accurate Doppler radar ballistic measurements of Lapua bullets-professional data available only for Lapua bullets and cartridges. This makes Lapua Ballistics much more accurate than any other ballistic program for mobile phones. Only Quick Target Unlimited software can compare to this degree of accuracy. As an example, error with this program in elevation is less than 2.5 cm (1”) for 338 Lapua Magnum at 1,500 meters (1,640 yds) –less than a quarter of one click, with a standard ¼ MOA click scope . With traditional B.C. (G1), error would be over 1 meter (>40”).

Lapua Ballistics can be installed to all mobile phones supporting basic Java or Android (Java MIDP 2.0 or Android support needed). Most inexpensive base worldwide. Web-browsing (or WAP) is needed in the phone. SIM-card is needed during installation but not after that if you like to use your phone without care in extreme conditions.

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NOTE Software download by mobile phone web browser only. It is recommended to use the phone's native browser to install the program.