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Lapua Ballistics program now downloadable!

Jan 17 2011

Lapua Ballistics is advanced exterior ballistic software for mobile phones capable of predicting trajectories in real time with extreme accuracy. Using Lapua Ballistics, there is no need for checking tables and calculating cosines for rather imprecise inclination compensation. Not to mention the often ignored but vast influence of cartridge temperature on muzzle velocity and atmospheric conditions on the projectile's trajectory.

Lapua Ballistics is based on precisely accurate Doppler radar ballistic measurements of Lapua bullets - professional data available only for Lapua bullets. 

Lapua Ballistics can be installed to all mobile phones supporting basic Java (Java MIDP 2.0 support needed). Apple iPhone and Android platforms do not support Java ME. 

NOTE  The program must be downloaded with a mobile phone. Open the web browser in your phone and navigate to and choose the correct version for your phone.

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       Lapua Ballistics mobile phone view