Passion for Precision

Customers' news: Francisco Labrador, Spain

Dec 2 2009

"300m reduced target shooting at 100m and the result was 10 shots, 10 tens, 10 x. Impressive group of .689" with a simple Remington 700 standing in a harris bipod."

"This was celebrated on August, 9th, organized by my club, Tiro Quijote,, from Madrid-Alcalá, Spain. It was an National Open event with 62 participants in three categories: open sights, diopter and optics (FT: Fusil Táctico in Spanish, Tactical Rifle in English). It's the second military-civic event called "Almogavar", with the sponsorship of our Paratroopers Army Forces which kindly supported the event in its facilities of the "Base Príncipe" (Prince Camp), in Alcalá de Henares.

The event consisted in three series of 10 shots @ 100m in prone position in 30 minutes, using the homologated 300m reduced target for 100m (10x is about 1,3 cm). We counted with a couple of judges-referees from the Madrid Federation, one of them having international category.

My score was 97-100-99=296, achieving the second position, only 1 point behind the first.

The equipment used was a Remington 700 Police Standard .308 caliber with a Timney trigger @ 10oz.and a Bushnell Elite Tactical 4200 6-24x 52 Scope. Of course the ammo was your fantastic Scenar 185gr."


Paco Labrador