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Frequently Asked Questions - Lapua


There is a very good 6 mm cartridge on the market. Why did you develop a new 6,5x47 Lapua caliber?

You are correct, the 6mm has proven to be an excellent caliber for target shooting. We have developed the new caliber especially for target shooting, and optimized the properties through best research information and user feedback available. The 6,5 mm diameter bullet has excellent availability and a wide selection. The 6,5x47 Lapua caliber is good for longer distances and it is less sensitive to wind. We have tried to maintain a reasonable recoil level in the factory loaded ammunition, but the caliber has potential also for extremely high muzzle velocities. We have also concentrated on reducing the barrel wear, which enables more accurate shots for a longer period.


How long a cartridge can be stored and still be usable?

Generally, the civilian products have been designed for several years´ using time. The cartridge manufacturers do not generally inform about the storage or usage time for civillian products, because the packages are not hermetic. This is why the condition of the cartridges strongly depends on the storage conditions. In good conditions, about +10-15 degrees Celcius, and in normal humidity the cartridge can be used for at least 5 years.


Is the .338 Lapua Magnum is available in Australia?

Our distributors worldwide can be found through the Distributors link at these pages. We try to maintain the information as up-to-date as possible.


Can you send me reloading data for 165gr Hornady SST .30-06 caliber bullets?

All our reloading data can be found from our Reloading Manual, Reloading Guide and in these pages. Due to the wide selection of calibers some information gaps may occur, but we continuously update the data accoring to the needs of the customers.


So far I have used Vihtavuori VV N150 powder with 13 g/200 gr bullets in my rifle. My friend claims to get better results with VV N160 powder?

For maximal muzzle velocity, expecially with heavier bullets the N160 is propably a better choice. However, the optimal powder choice for maximal muzzle velocity depends on the rifle qualities and the bullet type and weight. Barrel length, as well as the powder burning rate, affect the muzzle velocity. The N150 is better with lighter weight bullets and can assure better accuracy.


I need information about the Polar Biathlon. How has it been tested and how much does it cost for our national team?

The technical data about the Polar Biathlon can be found in the Sport Shooting section in these pages. The features are optimized for cold weather conditions. Lapua has a cold chamber to test the cartridges in extreme weather. The prices are available from our distributors, which can be found under Distributors link in these pages.


Is the Polar Biathlon designed for cold conditions only, or is it accurate also in warmer conditions?

The Polar Biathlon features have been optimized for best possible performance in cold conditions. However, this does not prevent usage in warmer conditions. Ín warm conditions the Polar Biathlon has a higher muzzle velocity and the result depends on the compatibility of the rifle and cartridge. This can be checked only by test shooting. The Polar Biathlon has been successful in competitions also in warm conditions.


Which powder is used in 6,5x55 SE 8 g/123 grs Scenar GB489 HPBT cartridge?

Our strategy is not to inform individual factory loaded cartridge powder types or powder volumes. Matching powders and volumes are presented in our reloading guide, in principle thus also including our factory loads.


I have some Vihtavuori powders (N165, N170) in stock that are about 6 years old. I have opened the bottles a couple of times. Are there directions of how long they still can be used?

There is no simple rule of thumb for the storage time of powders. Usually the smokeless powders hold their features well if they are stored in air tight original package in stabile temperatures and humidity (cool and dry). If the powder is dusty, has an unusual smell or there is another reason to doubt the quality, it is best not to use it. Without seeing and testing the product we are not able to give a more accurate answer.


I have purchased N 3SM shotgun powder, but can not find loading data for it. Can you send it to me?

Some of the Vihtavuori powders can also be used for shotgun loads, but unfortunately during the past years we have not produced shotgun reloading data due to low demand.