Erik Cortina



F-Class Open



Lapua 6.5x47 Cases, Lapua 6.5-284 Cases, 6.5mm 139gr Scenar bullets, Vihtavuori Powder.


Competition Highlights

Achieved “High Master” F-Class Open Classification in one year - Mid-Range and Long Range.

Former Member of the USA F-Open Class National Team


2013 - Texas State Rifle Association Long Range State Championship – 6th place

2013 - Louisiana Midrange State Championship – 3rd Place

2013 – Southwest Long Range Regional Championship – 7th place

2013 - F-Class World Championship - Rutland Cup 4-man team match – 4th Place

2013 - F-Class World Championship – 24th Place

2012 - Texas State Rifle Association Long Range State Championship – 5th place

2011 - Irish National Championship – 11th place

2011 - Arizona Long Range Championship – 4th place

2011 - USA vs. Europe Challenge - Gold Medal winner

2011 - Creedmoor Cup, USA vs. Ireland - Gold Medal winner

2010 -Shot 300 yard Range record of 600-49X at Bayou Rifle Club –

2010 -Shot 1000 yard Range record of 595-34X at Bayou Rifle Club –

2010 -Day two winner of the TSRA Long Range Championship with the second highest F-Class Open score ever shot at Bayou Rifle Club of 448-23X.

2010 -Arizona Palma Championship – 2nd Place

2010 -Arizona State Long Range Champion


Erik Cortina