Mike Miller



F TR Rifle, Across Course, Tactical Rifle


Lapua LR ammunition


Competition highlights

Selected as a Team Vice Captain for the 2013 USA F TR Team


2013 Vice Captain US National Team

2013 Captain Bronze Medal Winner National F TR Team Championships.

2013 Captain Gold Medal Winning 4 man World Championship Team

2013 Gold Medal Member of Combined F and FTR Americas Match

2012 Spirit Of America Winning F-TR & F-Open Team - Gold Medal

2012 Spirit Of America Overall Individual Matches – 10th Overall

2011 California State Full Bore Championships F-TR – 1st Place

2011 US/Canadian Full Bore Matches in F TR

2011 Northern California Regional F-TR – Palma Class Winner

2011 Wisconsin State F-TR Team Championship

2009  World Championships F-Class TR

2009  800 Yard Match – Day One Match Winner

2009  800 Yard Grand Aggregate - 2nd Place

2009  900 Yard Match – Day 1 - 2nd Place

2009  900 Grand Aggregate – 5th Place

2009  Grand Aggregate – Day 1 - 3rd Place

2009  Grand Aggregate – Overall Match – 8th Place

2009  World Championships F-Class TR Team USA

            Rutland Cup Team Match Winner

2009   Individual English Imperial/National Matches

            Barlow Match 900 yard – Match Winner

            P.W. Richardson 500 yard – Match Winner

            Imperial International Team Match – Match Winner


  • 26 years Law Enforcement, working in SWAT and as Firearms Instructor for various private and government organizations.
  • Military Contractor in both Afghanistan and Iraq, 2003, 2009 and 2010.
  • Internationally published writer, with articles primarily dealing with weapons, optics and tactics.


Awards and Certificates

Member of The USA National Long Range Rifle Team 2008/2009- now

Vice Captain 2013 US National F TR Team

Gold and Bronze Medals Police Olympics Across Course Rifle
Various Pistol awards
2007 and 2008 US/Canadian Long Range Matches F TR Champion
2006 Second Place US FTR Nationals in 1000 yard 10th overall
2007 US NRA National Matches 600 Yard F TR Champion
2007 US Full Bore National Championships 4th Place Overall F TR
2007 US NRA F TR Championships 4th Overall
2009 US/Canaidan Matches 3rd Place Overall F TR
2009 English Imperial/National Matches Gold Medal 500 Yards
2009 English Imperial/National Matches Gold Medal 900 yards
2009 F TR World Championships Gold Medal 800 yards

2009 F TR World Championships Silver Medal 900 yards
2009 F TR World Championships 8th overall in World  ( 800-1000 yards).


Mike Miller