Mark Pharr



NRA High Power Rifle Silhouette, Smallbore Rifle Silhouette, F-class Rifle



Lapua Center-X and Midas+, Lapua Cases, Lapua Bullets, VihtaVuori powder


Competition highlights


Mark is one of only 8 Grand Slam winners for High Power Rifle Silhouette


2015 – Lapua F-Class Regional High Power Match – 2nd Place Match 2

2015 – Sierra Classic HP Rifle Silhouette Championship – 1st Place overall


2014 – NRA National High Power Rifle Silhouette Championships – 2nd Hunter Rifle

2014 – TX State HP Rifle Silhouette Championship – 1st Place


2013 Texas State Smallbore Silhouette Championships – 2nd place

2013 NRA National Smallbore Rifle Silhouette Championships – 2nd place Team

2013 NRA National High Power Rifle Silhouette Championships – 1st Place Team

2013 Highpower Standard Rifle Silhouette, Sierra Classic – 1st Place

2013 Highpower Hunter Rifle Silhouette, Sierra Classic – 2nd Place


2012 NRA National Smallbore Rifle Rifle Championships - Hunter Rifle – 3rd Place

2012 NRA National Championship High Power Rifle Championships – 5th Place

2012 NRA Smallbore Rifle Silhouette National Championship - Standard Rifle – 1st Master


2011 NRA High Power Hunter Rifle Silhouette Championship – National Champion

2011 NRA High Power Standard Rifle Silhouette Championships  - 5th Place

2011 Small Bore Rifle Silhouette Nationals – 5th Place

2011 Toledo Bend Silhouette Shooters Top Gun Competition – 1st Place and New National Record

2011 Texas State Highpower Silhouette Rifle Match – 1st Place


1996 - present

(25) State Championships and Regional Gold Medallions

(5) 1st Master Aggregate, National High Power and Smallbore Rifle Championships

2005 Nationals Silhouette Championship, 2nd Place, High Power Rifle

2010 Nationals Silhouette Championship, 3rd Place, High Power Rifle

Louisiana State High Power Rifle Silhouette Champion



Mark Pharr