Peter Sidi (HUN)



ISSF Rifle events, 10m and 50/300m


Lapua 6mm BR 6,8g Scenar Lapua .308 Win. 10g Scenar, Lapua X-ACT, Midas+

Competition highlights

2011 6 March ECH Brescia ITA, GOLD 10m air 596+102,7
2011 9Apr. WC Changwon KOR,GOLD 10m air 598+104,6
2011 7Aug, ECH Belgrade SRB, GOLD and title defending 50m 3x40 1171+102,7
2011 Aug. ECH Belgrade SRB, Silver 300m 3x40 1171
2011 Aug. ECH Belgrade SRB, Silver 300m 3x20 583
2011 Jul. Agerital (SUI) GOLD, Match Crossbow 10m 588+99
World Cup Finale, Wroclaw (POL) Bronz 597+104
Athlete of the year in sportshooting and crossbow in Hungary. 

2010 ISSF World Champion and Silver Medalist

2009 ISSF Shooter Of The Year

2009 New World Record and 2 European Championship Gold medals.

Total 4 European Championship Gold Medals, 1 Silver and 1 Bronze.

World Championship Silver and Bronze medals.

Several World Cup Gold, Silver and Bronze medals.


Peter Sidi (HUN)