Passion for Precision

Controlled and optimized expansion, ideal penetration, powerful shock effect

The one and only - .338 Lapua Mag. The .338 Lapua Mag. was purpose-built specifically for the ultimate long ranges. It is a combat-proven round and provides unbelievable performance and precision in the critical role of military long range shooting. While the .338 LM has a strong military reputation, it has been used increasingly by both sport shooters and long range hunters. When the sport shooting target is beyond 1 500 m away, the.338 Lapua Mag is the first choice. And no matter what kind of game should be taken down at what distance – the choice is again .338 Lapua Mag. During the years since its introduction, the .338 Lapua Mag. has earned a solid foothold as the most popular and most used long distance round for both military purposes and hunting fields.