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300m Lapua European Cup Finals Dominated By 6mmBR Shooters


Lapua European Cup 300 m Final 2012, 13-16 September, Zagreb, Croatia 

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300m European Cup Finals Dominated By 6mmBR Shooters

300m Lapua European Cup Finals are currently underway in Zagreb, Croatia. The prone events have concluded — and Lapua ammo shooters dominated the field, with the little 6mmBR topping all other cartridge types in both the mens’ and womens’ divisions. There have been challengers to the 300m crown, including Norma’s 6XC and Lapua’s own 6.5×47, but it appears that the 6mmBR cartridge is still “King of the Hill” at 300 meters. We know that Lapua’s 6mmBR factory ammo is outstanding. This factory 6mmBR ammo shot well under quarter-MOA in one Eliseo Tubegun we tested (READ 6mmBR Tubegun Story).

The European Cup Finals continue today with mens’ 3×40 and ladies’ 3×20 matches. On Sunday, the last day of the competition, the Mens’ 3×20 Standard Rifle and Super Finals are slated. Here are results from Friday’s 300m Prone matches:

Men Prone

1. Antti Puhakka, FIN 599-34x - 6mm BR

2. Juha Rutonen, FIN 598-42x - 6mm BR

3. Josselin Henry, FRA 597-32x - 6,5x47 Lapua

4. Marcel Ackermann, SUI 597-32x - 6,5x47 Lapua

5. Mikhael D´Halluin, FRA 596-39x - 6mm BR

All  first 5 positions were achieved with Lapua ammunition.


Women Prone (photo enclosed)

1. Catherine Houlmont, FRA 599-39x - 6mm BR

2. Charlotte Jakobsen, DEN 598-38x - 6mm BR

3. Eva Friedel, GER 598-32x - 6mm BR

All first 3 positions were achieved with Lapua ammunition.



Other results:

Women 3x20

1. Eva Friedel, GER 581-23x - 6mm BR

2. Charlotte Jakobsen, DEN 572-18x - 6mm BR

3. Andrea Burge, SUI 572-16x - 6mm BR

The gold and the silver were achieved with Lapua ammmunition.


Men 3x40

1. Rene Kristiansen, DEN 1173-51x - 6mm BR

2. Josselyn Henry, FRA 1172-56x -6,5x47 Lapua

3. Marco Muller, SUI 1172-50x - 6mm BR

The silver was achieved with Lapua ammunition


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