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Francis Kuehl twice on podium


2013 Snipers Hide Cup, May 23-25, Douglas, Wyoming 

The competition was a field match with 100% unknown distance and unknown location for all targets. Day 1 had 16-35mph winds...made for extremely tough conditions. Targets averaged from 250 yards - 1200 yards, the average being 550-750 yards. 

Lapua Team´s Francis Kuehl Bur finished second after George Gardner with using Lapua´s 6.5x284 brass and Scenar 139 gr bullets, and Vihtavuori N160 powder. 

Sniperhide Forum


K&M Precision Rifle Challenge, May 4-5, Crestview, Florida

Another field match with mostly known distances that averaged 450-650 yards with statonary and moving targets from 100-940 yards. The match was dynamic and had substantial movement. There were only a few points that separated 1-3 place. 

Francis finished third after George Gardner and John Sommers, using 6.5x47 Lapua brass, Scenar 123 gr bullets and Vihtavuori N550 powder.

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