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Lapua Biathlon Xtreme - the new must have for season 2018-2019


Lapua's new Biathlon Xtreme is optimal ammo for Biathlon sport shooting in varying conditions. This cartridge comes with a grease-free biathlon bullet, produced utilizing brand-new technology.

In world-class biathlon competition, biathletes need ammunition that can ensure fast and accurate shooting in challenging conditions. Lapua is proud to introduce the new Lapua Biathlon Xtreme cartridge, designed to meet the specific needs of
biathlon competition.

The Lapua Biathlon Xtreme round uses a newly developed, temperature insensitive powder that functions in all biathlon conditions. The bullet’s special shape ensures reliable and easy functioning and together with the new powder it provides unbeatable accuracy and consistent velocities.

During product development, the Lapua Biathlon Xtreme cartridge endured extensive laboratory testing and calculations as well as demanding field testing for function and accuracy by two of the world’s top biathlon teams.

This top biathlon ammo is a must-have for all biathlonists in season 2018-2019!

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