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Lapua European Cup 300 m in Aarhus, Denmark 8 - 12th May 2017


Picture above: Medalists in the men's standard rifle, from left Rossi, Olsen, Bogar. 

The Lapua European Cup 300 meter event was held in Aarhus in Denmark on 8 - 11 May 2017. Lapua sponsored shooter Steffen Olsen (DEN) took home the gold in the men's Standard Rifle with a new National record and he also won the Men's Prone match, while the ladies' 3-position was won by Karolina Kowallzyk of Poland and the Prone match by Estonia's Ljudmila Kortshagina. Team Lapua's Peter Sidi (HUN) came in 5th in Standard Rifle and took the silver in the men's 3 position competition which was won by Rajmond Debevec of Slovenia. All in all the event was very successful with 57 athletes from a total of 15 countries. We congratulate all participants for their great achievements!


For detailed results, see enclosed pdf

300 m Standard Rifle Men Individual

1. Steffen Olsen (DEN) 595

2. Andrea Rossi (SUI) 586

3. Stian Bogar (NOR) 585 (24x)

4. Aleksi Leppä (FIN) 585 (20x)

5. Peter Sidi (HUN) 582

6. Simon Claussen (NOR) 580

300 m Standard Rifle Men Team

1. Denmark (Jacob Larsen, Lars Jepsen, Steffen Olsen) 1741

2. Finland (Antti Puhakka, Juho Kurki, Juho Autio) 1720

Steffen Olsen DEN
Lapua sponsored shooter Steffen Olsen (DEN)

300 m Rifle Prone Women Individual

1. Ljudmila Kortshagina (EST) 597

2. Marion Goberville (FRA) 595 (31x)

3. Catherine Houlmont (FRA) 595 (29x)

4. Lisandra Storai (FRA) 593 (31x)

5. Elin Åhlin (SWE) 593 (30x)

6. Inken Plengemeyer (GER) 592

300m Rifle Prone Women Team 

1. Sweden (Elin Åhlin, Marie Enqvist, Anna Normann) 1781

2. Estonia (Ljudmila Kortshagina, Anzela Voronova, Tuuli Kubarsepp) 1776

3. France (Julie Milliere, Catherine Houlmont, Lisandra Storai) 1767

300 m Rifle Prone Men Individual

1. Steffen Olsen (DEN) 599 (40x)

2. Rajmond Debevec (SLO) 599 (35x)

3. Simon Claussen (NOR) 598 (39x)

4. Carsten Brandt (DEN) 598 (37x)

5. Harald Stenvaag (NOR) 598 (27x)

6. Gilles Dufaux (SUI) 597

300m Rifle Prone Men Team 

1. Norway /Simon Claussen, Harald Stenvaag, Stian Bogar) 1794

2. Finland (Juha Rutonen, Antti Puhakka, Juho Autio) 1783

3. Switzerland (Marcel Ackermann, Gilles Dufaux, Andrea Rossi) 1782


Lapua EC Peter Sidi HUN

Team Lapua's Peter Sidi (HUN)

300 m Rifle 3 position Men Individual

1. Rajmond Debevec (SLO) 1183

2. Peter Sidi (HUN) 1180

3. Simon Claussen (NOR) 1170

4. Steffen Olsen (DEN) 1168 (48x)

5. Gilles Dufaux (SUI) 1168 (47x)

6. Stian Bogar (NOR) 1168 (37x)

300 m Rifle 3 position Men Team

1. Finland (Aleksi Leppä, Juho Kurki, Juho Autio) 3482

300 m Rifle 3 position Women Individual

1. Karolina Kowallzyk (POL) 582

2. Elin Åhlin (SWE) 581

3. Myriam Bruehwiler (SUI) 580 (20x)

4. Anna Normann (SWE) 580 (15x)

5. Silvia Guinard (SUI) 577

6. Ljudmila Kortshagina (EST) 576

300 m Rifle 3 position Women Team

1. Switzerland (Myriam Bruehwiler, Silvia Guignard, Olivia Hagmann) 1721 

2. Poland (Karolina Kowallzyk, Sylwia Bogacka, Paula Wronska) 1712

3. Estonia (Ljudmila Kortshagina, Anzela Voronova, Tuuli Kubarsepp) 1688

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