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Lapua European Cup 300 m finals in Croatia 2016 - Day 2 and Super Final


The Lapua European Cup final results from 300m Rfile 3 Pos and Prone events for Men and Women, followed by the Super Final.

Karl Olsson (SWE) took gold in the 3 Pos Men event, followed by Steffen H. Olsen (DEN) and Lapua Team's Peter Sidi (HUN). Marina Schnider (SUI) won the women's event, with Anzela Voronova (EST) as second and Sina Oleane Busk (NOR) as third. This year Lapua Team's Charlotte Jakobsen (DEN) had to step down from the podium to fourth overall.

300 m Rifle Prone men had familiar names on top: Harald Steenvag (NOR) won, Peter Sidi (HUN) took silver and Rajmond Debevec (SLO) bronze.

Marina Schnider (SUI) got silver in 300 m Rifle Prone Women to go with her gold from the previous event. Olivia Goberville (FRA) won the competition with Lisa Muller (GER) finishing third.

The Super Final winner is Gernot Rumpler (AUT), followed by Ljudmilla Kortshagina (EST) and Rajmond Debevec (SLO).

Congrats to all our medalists and thanks to organizers and participants!

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Lapua European Cup 300m Finals

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