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WRABF WCH 2015 in Brisbane. Australia -- Lapua´s X-Act on winning streak


The World Rimfire & Air Rifle Benchrest Federation 3rd World Championships, Brisbane, Australia, 22 July - 1st Aug, 2015

Lapua´s  .22 LR X-Act was the BEST ammunition in WRABF WCH 2015 in Brisbane!

Lapua x-act WRABF WCH 

The World Champion title in the class of HV-RF was won with .22 LR X-Act. The Finnish shooters took all podium places and all of them used our .22 LR X-Act  - which they tested and selected in Lapua Service Center in Germany during the Spring.

Please notice also the member of "Team Lapua Finland" - Tomi Korpi won World Champion title in the class of LV-RF, 2 Gun Aggregate LV+HV and 3 Gun Aggregate Int SP, LV & HV. Tomi´s results in LV and HV are also New World Records! His son Aappo Korpi (12 years old!) won the title in the class of HV-RF Junior.

Also other medals were taken by the Finns Aappo Korpi and Risto Murisoja.

The quantity of inner tens which were shot with X-Act was remarkable.

Please check the results in the Australian Benchrest Bulletin

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