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Open DFS shooting results from Ole-Kristian Bryhn (NOR)



Lapua Team member happy with Lapua product performance

"These are open DFS shooting competitions on 200 and 300 meter with 50-150 shooters in each competition. I use 6,5x55 SE Scenar 8 gram 830m/s 4316032. I am very pleased with that ammo", says Ole-Kristian Bryhn.

Ole-Kristian´s latest national results:

Slagen 26/4-09   nr 1   348 p.
Sandefjord 26/4-09   nr 3   346 p.
Sigdal 1/5-09   nr 1   343 p.
Krødsherad 1/5   nr 4   345 p.
Blaker 2/5   nr 4   344p.
Bjørkelangen 2/5   nr 3   345p.

Stange 9/5-09 346p. NR 1
Tangen 9/5-09 345p. NR 6
Drøbak 10/5-09 348p. NR 1
Moss 10/5-09 347p. NR 1

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