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Lapua European Cup 300 m 2015 Finals - new European Record!


Final ended with Superfinal in Zagreb on Sunday

The final gathered the world´s best 300 m shooters together in Zagreb where the season ended with all 5 disciplines and with the new Superfinal test shooting.

Among all the great results 3 highlights stood up:

Lisa Müller (GER) equalled the European Record in 300 m Rifle Prone Women with the result 599-27x, Peter Sidi (HUN) also ended up  equalling ER in 300 m Rifle 3P Men match as he finished his shooting - but before the match was over, Gernot Rumpler (AUT) came and replaced the old ER with an unbelievable  new one  - 1185-65x!

 Lapua EC 300 m 2015

All results are available at:

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