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  • IBU World Championships Biathlon, Nove Mesto

    2013 Unbeatable success again for Lapua ammunition in Nove Mesto - Lapua takes 32 out of 33 medals in the World Championships

  • United States Benchrest Hall of Fame Standings

    2012 Team Lapua member Tony Boyer has accumulated unprecedented 159 points and leads the Hall of Fame Standings with a phenomenal 112 point difference

  • Silhouette IMSSU 9th World Championships

    2010 Marko Nikko (FIN) 3 personal Gold Medals in Big Bore hunting rifle Big Bore silhouette rifle Big Bore rifle Aggregate all with Midas+ 2 personal Gold Medals in Small Bore rifle silhouette Small bore rifle aggregate with Lapua’s 6.5x55 SE GB458 9g/139gr HPBT Scenar

  • Vancouver Olympic Games

    2010 Biathlon: 23 medals of 30 available in individual competitions were achieved with Lapua .22 LR Ammunition

  • WR: ECH Osijek (CRO)

    Jul 25 2009 300m Rifle 3 Positions Men Peter Sidi (HUN) with result 1184

  • WR: IBS Light Gun competition, Rutherfordton

    May 9 2009 600-yard IBS Light Gun Score Record 0.904" 50-5X group, Larry Isenhour USA, New World Record!

  • WR: IBS 600 yard competition, Oak Ridge

    Apr 26 2008 New World Record! IBS 600 yards, Heavy Gun, 0.386" 5-shot group, John Lewis

  • Turin Olympic Games

    2006 Biathlon: 18 medals of 24 available in individual competitions were achieved with Lapua .22 LR Ammunition

  • WR: Lahti World Championship games

    Jul 12 2002 Gold Medal, Charlotte Jakobsen (DEN, women´s rifle (prone) and 3x20 shots). Charlotte Jakobsen shot a New World Record in both disciplines.

  • World Shooting Championships in Barcelona Zaragoza

    1998 5 gold medals

  • World Championships Zagreb

    1989 3 gold medals with Lapua Pistol King

  • Seoul World Shooting Championships

    1978 6 gold medals (shot with calibers: .22LR Running Target,.308/D46, 7,62 x 53R/D46, .32 S&W LWC

  • Tokyo Olympic Games

    1964 Gold

  • World Shooting Championships

    1958 Gold

  • Oslo World Shooting Championships

    1952 Gold

  • Helsinki World Shooting Championships

    1937 Gold